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‘The FOLPS seeks clarification on wording of ESE specifications’

The FOLPS has written to IEC, BSI and to AFNOR seeking clarification on how we word our specifications. Some members quote NF C 17-102 as the only standard for ESE systems whilst others are quoting a hybrid system using IEC 62305 and NF C 17-102. There are manufacturers of ESE systems that quote both. The rules of CENELEC seem to state that there cannot be conflicting installation standards, and so, the NF C 17-102 underwent transformation in 2011 into a product standard that is now acceptable to CENELEC. At the same time, it is illogical to solely quote NF C 17-102 if it missing vital installation guidance. For guidance on installation, there is only one place to look – the IEC 62305 suite of standards. One thing that all members agree on – ESE systems are not part of BSEN 62305. So, what is the best way for us to be quoting and specifying ESE installations ?

ESE effectiveness worldwide

As ESE systems grow with installations approaching a million worldwide, we look at the data and draw conclusions on what we have learnt based on our experience in the field.

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Unsustainable trends in the lightning protection industry

As cost of raw materials increases and specifiers look for ways to reduce consumption and emissions, ESE systems offer a solution to the unsustainable trends in material heavy installations

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CENELEC letter to ICLP

The ESE standard is discussed in relation to unfair competition by industry forces

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Design of a protective Mesh

The design of a compliant BSEN 62305 system requires the mesh to be raised. How much protection does this approach afford, and does the mesh offer real protection ? Mathematical modelling is used to show ‘holes’ in the Faraday Cage.

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The Boston Faraday Report

To some, the British Standards is the ‘bible’ for lightning protection. This report throws light on some of the shortcomings of the Faraday Cage approach and the difficulties faced by designers of lightning protection to achieve protection at roof level.

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Increase in popularity of Safe Strike ESE as local Housing department specify 35 systems

The Choice of lightning protection system for large housing stock involves big numbers, large figures, lots of tenders and a commitment to adhere to a standard that is rolled out consistently on each building. Faced with the prospect that housing stock requires attention, the ESE option quickly starts to add up in terms of benefits. The big picture is that the ESE option allows a cost efficient and wide spread upgrade of all housing stock to a recognised standard at a fraction of the cost of a BSEN 62305 installation. Often, from an installers point of view, it is a good strategy to have this in mind when speaking to local councils as it shows you are offering value and a simple to execute solution.

The FOLPS members service

The FOLPS is offering its members a way to boost their profile and win new business. We are providing an out sourced telesales operation where by members can purchase 2 week blocks of telesales. You can select the target ( consultant, electrical contractor, facilities company) for your preferred region and we will work to build business and contacts, providing full reporting. The telesales operation build their own databases to your specification. It requires virtually no input from you.